About us:

The camp site is located off Highway 17 and right by the River Årgårdselva with access to salmon, trout, arctic char, pike, perch and grayling fishing in numerous streams as well as lakes very closeby. 

It's located 2 km from the Namsfjorden fjord where you can also go deep-sea fishing.

Forests and mountains surrounding for those who enjoy trekking and walking with the possibility of sighting wild elk/moose.

RV Park Facilities:

6 log cabins for rent. 2 spacious cabins with en-suite bathrooms and 4 compact cabins. All log cabins sleep 4 people. 

Modern shower and toilet facilities located on the camp site. 

RV park for caravans and motorhomes.

Designated riverside spots to pitch tents. 

External electric hook-up available.

Washing machine and tumbledryer available in the modernly fitted communal kitchen.

Stove, oven, microwave, kettle and coffee machine available for use.

BBQ Hut on site with audio soundsystem inside and free firewood available 24 hours for guests staying on site. 

Caravan waste disposal point available.

Free high-speed wifi throughout the entire campsite.

Good conditions for hunting and outdoor life with the possibility of sighting moose/elk in the surrounding woods and fields.

Kayaks for rent.

Free trampoline and children's play area on site. 

Bicycle repair services available.

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Nearest store: 2km (Sjøåsen)
Steinkjer: 45km
Namsos: 30km
Trondheim: 166km


*Log Cabins:

Large Cabin NOK 650 per night.

Small Cabin NOK 450 per night.


NOK200 + NOK30 for Electric power hook-up




NOK60 per set

Electric power:

NOK 30,00 per night

Yearly Rent for Caravans: 

NOK 4700 

(*Discount available for stays over 5 days.)

Please note: A lot of people come back year after year and have permanent reservations so book ahead to avoid diasppointment.

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Log Cabin Facilities:

Spacious Cabins:

  • 4 all year cabins with en-suite hot shower and toilet.
  • 4 beds
  • Fridge and small kitchen.
  • Electric heating.

Compact Summer Cabins:

  • 4 compact summer cabins
  • 4 beds
  • Fridge and small kitchen
  • Electric heating

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Freshwater fishing season starts 1 June until 1 September depending on fish quotas, sometimes only up to 15 August.

Fishing licenses for the River Ågårdselva available for a fee of NOK150 for 24hrs.

The river Årgårdselva is only a few meters from the campsite where it's ideal for fly-fishing, if you are lucky you will catch salmon and trout. Other fish species include: burbot, brown trout, char, eel, grayling, sea trout, perch, pike, zander and whitefish.

Fjord and Sea fishing all year round. 

You can also go deep-sea fishing in the Namsfjorden fjord about 2km from the campsite. Fish species include: coalfish, halibut, sea trout, plaice, salmon, haddock, tuna and herring just to name a few species you will find in these waters located very closeby.

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